Charters Towers Longhorn Cattle Ranch

Plenty of people we met along the way, plus a lovely lady named Deanne strongly recommended we take the Texas Longhorn Tour at ‘Leahton Park’ 10km out from Charters Towers (maplink).

This is a really great experience. Our host, Linda, took us through how they perform AI (artificial insemination) on their heifer’s, as there are no bulls on the property – any bull calves are neutered or sold off after birth.

Then we all jumped into some Polaris 4×4’s and Linda escorted us around the property to show off their magnificent longhorn cattle. JR has the longest horns measuring over 3.1 metres (11 feet) wide. He had the world record for a while but has now been out done by a longhorn in Colorado USA.

Summing up…

  • What did we think? – loved the tour & totally recommend it.
  • Was it value for money? – yes – $69.50 per head (seniors)
  • Would we return? – probably no as it’s one of those once off things you do
  • Overall Score – 10/10
  • How do you book a tour? – book through the Texas Longhorns website

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