Mount Isa QLD

We pulled into the Argylla Caravan Park, which is just outside of town (maplink) for a couple of nights. A pretty basic looking park with not many people staying but it was comfortable.

Took a look around Mt Isa and ended up at the town lookout with views over this mega mining town. The water tank on top of the hill has some fantastic artwork, painted by David Houghton in 2019. The views are pretty standard with the mine taking up a large amount of the vista to the west. The lookout has heaps of whistling kites flying around on the thermals which is pretty spectacular as they dive down onto unsuspecting things like chips left by messy tourists and the pigeons trying to eat those chips.

Summing up…

  • Caravan Park – Probably the worst park we’d stayed in so far
    • Cost per night – $38.70
    • Facilities – Not the best
    • CP Location – Out of town by about 3 kms. Would definitely look for an alternative next time
    • Our rating/score 5/10
  • Was it a nice town to visit? Not too bad
    • Activities & places of interest – We were surprised that the was not all that much to do here except mine related tours etc
    • Would we return? – Probably not
    • Overall Score – 6/10
  • Summary – We went to Mt Isa as we thought we would probably not get the chance again. It was pretty disappointing. We did enjoy the boulders and Lake Moondarra plus making some new friends.

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