Fossil Tour – Mt Isa

One of the “must do’s” while in Mount Isa is to take the Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Tour located in the Tourist Information Center (AKA Outback Isa).

The centre was only 5 weeks old and really well set-up for us to gain an understanding about fossils found in the Riversleigh World Heritage area, some 277 kms from where we were (maplink).

Our guide, Allan, was an absolute wealth of knowledge; having fossicked and worked on fossil reclamation for over 50 years. Allan’s total passion for the topic made this an absolutely fantastic experience.

We looked through periscopes to view the tiniest fossil remnants which had been reclaimed from their rocky prison using chemicals and a lot of patience.

Summing up…

  • What did we think? – this tour was fantastic!
  • Was it value for money? – absolutely – $30 per head (seniors)
  • Would we return? – Probably
  • Overall Score – 10/10
  • How do you book a tour? – try the Riversleigh Discovery Centre website

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