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About Undara Lava Tubes

One of the wonders of Australia, the Undara Lava Tubes are reputedly the largest lava tubes in the world. Located in savannah grassland south-west of Cairns, they can be inspected only by taking conducted tours which are organised by an eco-tourism organisation known as the Undara Experience. The tour offers a unique insight into the flora and fauna of the Australian tropics as well as accompanying visitors into the caves formed by the Lava Tubes (sourced from the Aussie Towns website – click for more).

Why go there?

We had promised people back home that the Undara Lava Tubes would be part of our trip agenda and all I can say is “thanks so much for the tip”!

What a truly majestic place to visit (maplink). We stayed for a couple of nights in the campground, which is really nice. We travelled from Georgetown to the village (asphalt all the way).

The village and campground is known as the Undara Experience and it truly is an experience. The village has great food and the roof over a restaurant area is designed to look like a lava tube – very creative.

The Lava Tube Tour

Access to the lava tubes is by guided tour only as it is in a National Park. You travel from the Undara Village via bus and then are taken through 3 different lava tubes by very informative guides.

The Undara Lava Tubes were created about 190,000 years ago when a staggering 23 cubic kilometres of lava flowed into a river bed and kept flowing for 160km, making it the world’s longest lava flow from a single volcano.

Huge caves, some over 21m wide and up to 10m high, have formed in places along the tubes. They are never dark because they are gaping holes which can be entered by visitors accompanied by tour guides. The experience is genuinely unforgettable.

Summing up the caravan park…

  • AccommodationUndara Caravan Park is well spaced out with great sites. A bit dusty, but that has to be expected. They do water the roads twice a day, which is great.
    • Cost per night$39.00 (@ 31-Aug-2020)
    • Facilities single en-suite style – very modern, neat and tidy
    • CP Location it’s a done deal as it’s closest you will ever get to the tours (maplink). Otherwise it’s a 104km round-trip drive from Mt Surprise
    • Our rating/score9/10

Summing up the tour…

  • What did we think? Great place to visit – certainly a bucket list item if you are travelling in this area.
  • Was it value for money? absolutely – $80 per person – a discount was included as we were staying there
  • Would we return? no – a once off visit
  • Overall Score 11/10 😁
  • How do you book a tour? try the Undara Experience website

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