Palm Cove QLD

We travelled a measly 18kms from Cairns to Palm Cove (maplink) to spend a full week at the NRMA Palm Cove Caravan Park. It’s a fantastic location situated right on the beach. The park is very green, but the sites are also very “tight” and crowded (its a popular place). We had great neighbours while we were here, so that always makes the stay more enjoyable.

Only problem so far has been the wind. After four days here it’s been extremely windy (about 40-50km/hr winds) and the first three days has been wet. Apparently the Cairns Harbour was recently dredged and the spoils were dumped near Trinity Beach. The strong south-easterly winds have then been blowing towards Palm Cove making the water here very muddy. It’s sort of taken the edge off our stay at this iconic location but ‘s*#t happens’

On a more positive note the main drag (Williams Esplanade) is truly beautiful; with massive melaleuca paperbark trees along the side of the road. It almost appears that the buildings have been built around the trees and in some cases the trees actually grow through the building – pretty cool.

Summing up…

  • Accommodation NRMA Palm Cove Caravan Park was a good park but space was a premium. Everyone’s crammed in
    • Cost per night $54.00 (@ 7-Sep-2020)
    • Facilities good
    • CP Location excellent. right on the beach and close to town (maplink)
    • Our rating/score8/10
  • Was it a nice town to visit? a truly beautiful town with restaurants are shops within walking distance. The trees around the shopping strip are incredible. some are even inside the restaurants
    • Activities & places of interest we really didn’t do much, just chilled and soaked in the serenity
    • Tourist info centre?119-121 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove (website)
    • Would we return? yes
    • Overall Score 8/10
  • Summing up We’d definitely return and hope the wind is not as strong (really put a dampener on it)

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