Ku-Ring-Gai-Chase National Park

We needed to decide on a destination for our day trip today. Sydney city or Ku-Ring-Gai-Chase National Park. Great decision choosing the national park as it is not only a great destination but the “getting there” part is awesome.

We headed off to a part of the park called West Head and drove around some of the most amazing water views you could ever see (maplink). In some places there are soooo many yachts that it looks like a forest of masts. A large amount of money is floating there and makes you wonder how often they are “taken out” for a sail.

We then moved onto a lovely little cove by the name of Cottage Point for lunch at the Cottage Point kiosk. So quiet and lovely (maplink).

Our home of Melbourne may be the sporting capital of Australia but Sydney truly wins when it comes to their waterways. Nothing beats the views and ruggedness of this part of the world – one word – stunning!

Summing up…

  • What did we think? – you must visit the national park when in Sydney
  • Was it value for money? – although it cost us nothing the value is outstanding
  • Would we return? – definitely
  • Overall Score – 10/10
  • How do you book a tour? – check TripAdvisor

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