South Mission Beach

Back down on the coast again, staying at BIG4 Beachcomber Coconut Holiday Park in Mission Beach South (maplink). This is a truly lovely part of Queensland, with views of Dunk Island, and it was also great to be able to jump in the ocean again for a swim.

Our first cassowary encounter

After setting up our caravan onsite I settled down to read my book while Merrisa took a snooze inside. There was movement out of the corner of my eye and I looked up to come face to beak with a cassowary – WOW! He walked right past me, under our caravan awning, out to the front. Lucky I had my camera ready. We aslo had a visit from a local goanna as well.

Around Mission Beach South

As mentioned earlier, this is a beautiful place to stay and you can see why there’s a lot of retirees putting down their roots here.

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