Fraser Island Tour

A bucket list item was ticked off today when we visited Fraser Island on the Fraser Experience Day Tour. Our driver, Syd, picked us up at 7.30am and headed off in our 17 seat 4WD bus (with only 8 passengers) for the ferry from Hervey Bay over to Wanggoolba Creek, on Fraser Island (maplink), for a 10 hour tour.

The ferry arrived at Wanggoolba Creek and we were off on our adventure, driving from the west side of the island to 75 Mile Beach on the east coast. What a bumpy ride this was as the sand tracks have certainly had a massive amount of traffic over them.

The Pinnacles & Coloured Sands

Once onto the 75 Mile Beach we headed north to check out the Pinnacles, which are apparently one of the key attractions on Fraser Island, but we found that they weren’t all that exceptional.

SS Maheno Shipwreck

Heading back down the east coast of the island our next stop was the famous shipwreck of SS Maheno.

Now you’re talkin! This is spectacular, especially since it has laid on this beach since 1935.

Eli Creek

Next stop is the beautiful fresh water Eli Creek. We could not believe the amount of vehicles parked up at the creek, but our guide Syd this is nothing and that we should see it at Easter when there are 5 times the number of vehicles (and people) here.

Central Station & Wanggoolba Creek

Lunch was taken at Central Station in the middle of the island. This is a beautiful spot. After lunch it was time to stroll along the boardwalk beside the near transparent waters of Wanggoolba Creek – truly magnificent!

Lake McKenzie

Last stop was at Lake McKenzie which is situated high up in the middle of the island. Crystal clear water to swim in after strolling across the super clean silica sands.

A stormy trip back

Then it was time to climb aboard our bus and have the virtual stuffing knocked out of us as Syd navigated the tracks back to Kingfisher Bay for our ferry trip back to the mainland. We watched as the clouds got darker and bigger, signalling a stormy night ahead. This also provided yet another glorious Queensland sunset though.

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