Hervey Bay

A lot of people have said to us “oh Hervey Bay, that’s where people go to die”. Well I thinks that’s a bit harsh; it is a beautiful spot. We pulled into the Fraser Coast Beachfront Tourist Park in Pialba (maplink) for a 3 night stay and scored site 16 which backs right onto the beach – bonus!

It’s amazing how far the tide goes out here. It’s a shallow beach just like Rosebud back in Victoria. The weather is still windy with storms building up in the late afternoon.

A walk out on low tide with our neighbours George & Sylvia saw some interesting patterns in the sand. The incoming tide sure came in quick too.

We had a fantastic blood red full moon on our last night. This seemed a bit strange as it’s also a “blue moon” (2 full moons in the same calendar month).

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