Iluka & Yamba

It was hard to choose between Iluka and Yamba as out next destination as we’d heard a lot from other travellers about both. We decided on Iluka as it appeared to be a bit more laid back, which it turned out to be.

As we are starting to get the sniff of home it was decided to park up at Iluka Clarence Head Caravan Park for 3 nights. This was a nice park but we felt that we’d blown it on this decision as the Riverside CP looked like it would have been a better choice – oh well, looks like a return trip is on the cards in the future.

A stay of 3 nights basically means you have 2 full days to check out a location so we made the most of it.

The first day saw us exploring the coastline to the north of Iluka which was quite spectacular.

We caught the Clarence River Ferry over to Yamba on the second day but only had about an hour to explore Yamba before catching the return ferry back to Iluka. Talk about poor planning! All I got to photograph was the Yamba Lighthouse!

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