Minyon Falls (Byron Bay)

A day trip into the mountains with friends Tim & Anne saw our first stop at Minyon Falls. Weather was a bit bleak and the hills were very misty but we headed out to take in the views of the water falls.

A decision to take a track to gain a better view ended up with us all getting drowned by a sudden downpour, but the views were worth it.

After drying off we headed to Mullumbimby to have lunch at the Lu Lu’s CafĂ©. Great food and totally recommend a visit if you’re in town.

Summing up…

  • What did we think? – great place to visit but next time we will need to take the 1km walk to the base of the falls to gain a fuller appreciation of them.
  • Was it value for money? – no cost
  • Would we return? – yes
  • Overall Score – 7/10
  • How do you book a tour? – try TripAdvisor

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