Welcome to our travel blog – Up the East Coast of Aussie and Far North Queensland

It was winter in Melbourne and we patiently waited for the borders to re-open after our wonderful country was “locked down” under the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Well, the time to get out there again arrived and we headed off on 20th June 2020 aiming to get into Queensland on 17th July (along with thousands of other grey nomads).

At the time we had planned to be away from Melbourne for about 3 months but then Victoria was struck by the “2nd Covid19 wave” so we continued exploring the top end of Queensland extending our trip to 5 months.

This blog covers the adventures we’ve experienced during this fantastic journey of discovery around our great country.


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Bailey Tagalong23

This is the current trip we have been organising with our group of Bailey Caravan friends to South Australia in September 2023.

There’s no travel blog yet (we haven’t started) but the website component has been created to assist the members of this years Tagalong to get some information about the trip, where we are staying and some of the activities planned for the trip. We are hoping to have 20 caravan’s in our group & not all will be Bailey’s.
The link is https://tagalong23.touringwombats.com

Up the East Coast of OZ to Far North Queensland

Leaving our Melbourne home on June 20 2020. Once the Covid19 restrictions began to lift we packed up and shot off on our next adventure. Heading along the east coast of New South Wales and into Queensland on 17th July. We were extremely lucky with our timing as the Queensland border was re-closed 3 weeks after we crossed it – phew & woohoooo!!!
The link is https://ec20.touringwombats.com

Up the middle of OZ & turn left

Our 6 month caravan adventure of Australia from March 2018 to November 2018, travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide then up the middle via Alice Springs to Darwin, then to Broome WA, down the west coast of Australia and back across the Nullarbor to Home in Melbourne. Traveling over 25,000 kms through this amazing country, meeting heaps of friendly folk and enjoying a lifetime of experiences.
The link is https://halflap.touringwombats.com

Bailey Tagalong22

This is our major trip for 2022. Leaving our Melbourne home on July 15 2022. We headed north on our way to yet another Bailey Caravan Tagalong – 28 days through QLD beginning in late August. We decided to take a detour on the way via Jerilderie and then up the Kidman Way to Griffith, Cobar, Bourke, Cunnamulla, Charleville, Longreach, Winton, Emerald, Carnarvon Gorge, Roma then over to Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast for the start of the Bailey Tagalong on 28th August (click for route map).
The link is https://tagalong22.touringwombats.com

Bailey Tagalong21

Leaving our Melbourne home on April 20 2021. We joined yet another Bailey Caravan Tagalong – 28 days through NSW – the Hunter Valley, Waterfall Way and mid NSW coast with 20 other Bailey vans. At the conclusion we slipped into Southern Queensland for major repairs to our caravan ad a bit of R&R, returning home 129 days later.
The link is https://tagalong21.touringwombats.com

Bailey Tagalong20

This trip was with a group of 16 other Bailey caravans for 3 weeks in March 2020. Similar to the Tagalong19 trip we did in 2019; but this time we started in Broken Hill NSW and traveled through outback South Australia ending up in Port Fairy (Victoria). It began on 12 March 2020, but was heavily impacted by the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic to the point where it wasn’t completed as originally planned.
The link is https://tagalong20.touringwombats.com

Bailey Tagalong19 – Rivers, Mountains & Seaside

In this blog we travel through the Victorian high country with 18 other Bailey caravans for 2 weeks in March 2019. We then continue on with friends Neil & Sharon for 3 weeks to Queensland spending the last 2 weeks travelling solo down the east coast of Australia back home to Melbourne.
The link is https://tagalong19.touringwombats.com